American Car Style- Vol 2

You know what, when the car becomes the topic, it becomes obvious that everyone gets what they really want. For example; in America, people just get what they want basically. And Believe me, it does not become BMW 335i or Audi S4 most of the time because, for most American guys, the car is a simple transportation vehicle. For them a car is an obligatory thing since they do know that without car transportation is almost impossible in the USA, they do know that without a car they are nobody. On the other hand, they do not purchase luxurious or performance cars as well in general. You may wonder what they use especially if you are not American. They use Japanese cars like Toyota Camrys, Corollas, RA4s;  Honda CRVs, Accords, and Civics; I can give a limitless example of this however my point is from their perspective cars are not the thing which shows reputation or lifestyle. Cars are just things which they use in order to transport from A to B. Therefore for them spending money on cars is just pointless. They need a car that lasts longer and is durable in the different climate conditions which means there are a lot of SUVs in the USA. You can imagine it as a land everybody uses boring Honda, Ford SUVs or trucks and if you are thinking I am kidding just book a flight and come to Virginia.

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