American Car Style

On the first day of June, I come to the USA. It was a magnificent place where I come first. It was Washington DC. I personally really liked that place even if some things like accommodation and transportation are really expensive in this city. Of course; cars were astonishing, too. But the thing is that everything was different in this country than in my own country, Turkey, hence you quickly realize that people do not use three-cylinder cars in here like Turkish people do since there is no need to use diesel cars or 1.2 litres economical car. Using a diesel car could even be worse than using a petrol car here as astonishingly diesel prices are higher than petrol prices, which is completely opposite to Turkey.

The first thing which I want to point out is that car taxes are very low in the USA even lower than in most of the EU counties. You know what, last week I talked to one of my friends who is from Germany and he said that even if he lives in a place that is only 200 meters from the BMW Munich plant, the brand new BMW M4 price is higher in Germany than the USA; which also demonstrate the fact that these guys are really lucky. Also if you wonder about car taxes in my country you may read the article about car taxes in Turkey here, which shows how surprisingly high car taxes are in Turkey.

The second thing is petrol prices are so cheap in this country, that means you don’t consider frequently how much mpg you get from your naturally aspirated V8 E92 M3. This is a thing that is not only for performance or racing cars but also eligible for your 5.7 V8 Ford Truck that you use in order to pick up your children from elementary school.

The third thing and the most significant thing for me is that second car prices in the USA are too cheap. Some people may wonder what I mean by saying ‘too cheap. For example, in the USA, a 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan is sold with a 500-1000 $ price tag and you are the owner of this car and accidentally your trunk has got damaged and you need to change it. Do you know how much money repairmen ask when you want to repair your trunk door? 1000 $ in some cases it is more expensive than this. My point here is that most of the time American guys don’t repair their cars at all because it is too expensive and they repair them themselves if they can. Most people in the USA change their own car oil, oil filter, air filter, and A/C filter themselves. It is kind of shock for me since my country’s similar car is 7000$ and repairs cost only 300$ so almost everyone goes to the repairmen to repair their cars.

And it is the end of the first part about Car Style in USA writing, see you later…

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