First Drive- Volvo V40

Volvo is the first company when we consider car security. V40 was unveiled in 2012 at, Geneva Motor Show and starting in 2013 it goes into production. In 2014 it got an automatic transmission and has become one of the favourite hatchbacks in its class.


V40 uses updated Ford’s C1 platform that is used by S40, V50, C30, and C70. In terms of Exterior, Design V40 has very unique but it does not show us which new technologies V40 has so it will be good to get inside.

Interior design is similar to other Volvo models, especially with the S60. The Center console has lots of digital equipment.

Every Day Usability

Ford’s C1 platform is successful once again since it provides low consumption to S40. Fabrique data says it consumes 4.4 litres per 100 km. However, it is actually unreal in daily driving. V40 does not consume like a V8 muscle car, its consumption is just right for its class. V40 has a user-friendly console and is roomy. 335 litres boot is enough and average in its class.

Engine and Transmission

Volvo V40 does not use brand-new engines which are actually been used by other Ford models for years. Volvo V40 has there different engines which are 1.6 litres D2 turbo diesel 115 hp, 1.6 litres T4 turbo petrol 180 ps, 2.0 litres turbo 245 PS petrol T5. In our test car, we have a D2 turbo diesel engine which is used by Ford Focus. The engine produces 115 ps peak power and 270 nm tork starting from 1750d/dk. , engine sound is so low in the cabin the thanks to little updates on the engine in terms of refinement. 0 to 100 is 12.1 seconds which is slow compared to its rivals such as Golf, A3 or Focus.


Thanks to the prestige of the new v40, the new model looks so cool and adorable without consuming a lot. Because it is such a kind of premium car and not expensive we loved it. The review was fun for us and we hope you enjoyed it as well.


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